Dairy Cow Share

From: $10.00 every 2 weeks

Raw milk is sold as pet food only and is not permitted for human consumption.


Dairy Cow Share

Raw milk from our pastured Jersey Cows is sold by the half-gallon (64 oz). This subscription includes the first half-gallon, and additional half-gallons can be added. Raw milk is sold as pet food only and is not permitted for human consumption.

To get started, you’ll need 2 half-gallon mason jars labeled with your name for each 1 half-gallon of milk you would like to pick up each week. This allows us to fill one for you and have one jar on hand to fill the following week. When you pick up your milk each week, you’ll bring your clean/sanitized jar back to us to refill for you the next week. So, for example, if you would like 2 half-gallons of milk per week, you’ll need to have a total of 4 half-gallon jars labeled with your name. Drop off your 64oz Mason or Ball jars in the metal cabinets next to the silver refrigerator, on the shelf labeled with your day of the week, in the dry storage room behind the Farm Stand. If you need assistance, please get in touch with us by phone or email!

We ONLY offer pick-up at Dare 2 Dream Farms. Please do not select pick-up at any other partner location, as the milk cannot be refrigerated there. Pick up at Dare 2 Dream Farms from the silver Cow Share Refrigerator in the Dry Storage room behind the Farm Stand. If milk is not collected within 6 days, it will be discarded and not replaced.

Due to our limited number of cows, and milk on any given day, there is a waiting list for local milk delivery. Delivery occurs on Thursdays only. Please get in touch with us if you’d like to be added to the waitlist.


1 shipment every 2 weeks, 1 shipment every week

Pick-Up Day

Friday, Monday, Saturday, Sunday, Thursday, Tuesday, Wednesday


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