Free Range Chicken Eggs


Eggs so fresh, you can taste the difference!

Our Humanely Raised, Pastured Hens lay eggs that look, taste, and feel different! Our outdoor-based farming method means our chickens each have approximately 30-40 square feet of space of fresh pasture, compared with less than one square foot of space in commercial flocks. Our truly free range hens forage on grains such as buckwheat, ryegrass, and clover to provide a diet naturally high in Omega-3s, meaning you get bright orange egg yolks full of great flavor and packed with nutrients to help you feel good!

All our laying hens were raised by us here at the farm from the time they were baby chicks. They are fed and tended to by humans, not by automated feed booms. Their eggs are collected, washed, packaged, and delivered by our farmers… all by hand.

Free Range Chicken Eggs

Shipping Information: Free range chicken eggs can be added on to any subscription and included in chosen pick-up or delivery method. Only one dozen eggs may be added onto your subscription at a time. If additional eggs are available, they can be purchased as a one time add-on online to add to your subscription or purchased at the Dare 2 Dream Farm Stand.


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