The Essentials Box

From: $18.00 / month

Our Essentials Box includes 5-6 delicious seasonal items such as leafy greens, salad vegetables, dinner vegetables, fruit, and fresh herbs or edible flowers.

With each order, you’ll also receive our weekly newsletter that highlights tips on storing and preparing your produce, recipes for meal inspiration, and more.

This size box is great for 1-2 persons.


Allergic or will not use

Let us know if there any items you are allergic to, or will not use. We will do our best to replace any items listed with other items of a similar value. We cannot accept preferences for alternatives here. If you do not have requests for substitutions, please leave this space blank.

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The Essentials Box

Make meal planning easy and nutritious by subscribing to a weekly Essentials Box! This is the smallest farm box we offer, and seasonal produce is harvested weekly from our locally owned family farm. We supply your Essentials Box with nothing but fresh goodness!

1 review for The Essentials Box

  1. Margaret Andrews

    Love my Essentials Box. Fresh and clean. Thank you!!

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